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HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS is an interactive online platform that includes businesses, from a broad variety of industries, with informative, cultural, and natural content. This outstanding platform provides fast access to a large online digital business directory, which also contains relevant and up-to-date information from entrepreneurs located all over the world.

This platform has been developed to contribute toward the meaningful economic integration of the educational, government, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Everyone can join, it’s a platform built for all.

Companies & Startups

Put your business or star-up fast on the map with the right marketing tools and the most innovative blockchain applications. We are active worldwide and have a large network of freelancers and professionals. In addition, we have thousands of ambitious students who are made available through our e-learning platform to become a marketing specialist. We have collaboration with many local authorities, which means there are various opportunities for work / learning pathways around the world. In this way, your company contributes to our participation program.

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The Student

Are you interested in learning online business strategies, online marketing or blockchain technology? Then join our team and work with the most innovative projects in the world. Many schools and universities have already been qualified to work with us. If your school or university have not been contacted yet, please let us know at and we will get in touch with them soon.

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Are you a freelancer looking for more jobs? Are you done paying fees through regular freelance platforms? Then join our platform. We offer you the opportunity to acomplish and fulfill your orders for companies worldwide and the BEST of our program is that we DON’T charge commissions, it is your money and you deserve it, as it should be!

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Are you looking for a new challenge and do you see a job in online marketing or blockchain development? HTMLCOIN.Business has developed a unique membership program where you can do both. You will then work with the best of the best marketing specialists. After a short training you will be able to provide businesses with more sales by offering your services. In doing so, you are in a very exciting time working with one of the most innovative companies on blockchain development of this moment. We work with various local authorities all over the world. There is a high chance that we already have contacted local authorities in your country. If you want to participate in our membership program we would like to hear from you. Send us an email at We would like to see you in our team!

Local Authorities

Our platform offers local governments access to a unique platform with state-of-the-art technology. Participants in our program provide opportunities for local communion.

Our goal is to have job-training projects coordinated by local governments around the world, so they can intercede on behalf of both the students and business, creating a social innovation ecosystem and a co-partnership between all parties. This relationship will benefit the society in general and will help local economies to improve dramatically.