Smart Contracts

Data and transactions in a blockchain are non-collapsible. This means that legal agreements can be made quickly and efficiently. In a traditional contract, such as the sale of real estate, all agreements and designations are put on paper and require a physical signature from all parties. In the case of a “smart contract,” the terms are not on paper, but recorded and stored on the blockchain, and can be agreed upon remotely. There is no need for physical meetings and signatures.

Payments: Cross-Border Payments

It takes days, if not longer, for money to cross the world. The HTMLCOIN blockchain processes financial transactions in a matter of seconds.

Supply Chain Sensors

Sensors give companies end-to-end visibility of their supply chain by providing data on the location and condition of the supplies as they are transported around the globe.

Anti-Ransomware Storage

Personal data of employees, sensitive data of clients, strategic information, and any form of administrative data can be encoded and stored on the HTMLCOIN hybrid blockchain with a private key that grants access only to specific individuals.

Merchants: Proof-of-Delivery

The physical delivery of products to customers can be recorded in the blockchain and sent directly to companies. This is a promising application that can be used to reduce costs.

Distributed Cloud Storage

Cloud storage will be another application that businesses can take advantage of. Companies can use the HTMLCOIN blockchain to provide users with affordable, fast, and secure cloud storage.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a turbocharged way to raise money in the era of blockchain technology. Companies will be able to run effective ICO campaigns on the HTMLCOIN blockchain platform.

(Dapps and applications in development…..)



Our goal is to have job-training projects coordinated by local governments around the world, so they can intercede on behalf of both the students and business, creating a social innovation ecosystem and a co-partnership between all parties. This relationship will benefit all concerned and help to bolster local economies.


HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS wants to help make blockchain technology easy to use and available to all.

The HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS platform is a members only platform; access and participation are only possible through invitation.

We have chosen this approach for the following reasons:

To ensure that the participating unemployed people are enrolled and that the courses are coordinated by a government agency.

To ensure that companies are legal and that they meet the legal requirements that are imposed on a company.

To ensure that the participating companies are each registered with their respective Chamber of Commerce.

How does this work?

Local governments are invited to participate in the HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS platform elite program. This gives them access to the tools and opportunities to give unemployed individuals an opportunity to succeed in life. In doing so, governments become a bridge between individuals who don’t have a job and businesses that need help to become financially successful.

By offering the training program for only 15% of the normal costs of reintegration trajects, the financial pressure is relieved on the budget of the participating local government. In addition, the participants will quickly learn practical knowledge that can be used to make companies more revenue. In this way, companies will become more self-sufficient and less reliant upon their municipalities for financial assistance.

In addition, government officers coordinate these projects themselves through our platform. They gain access to the system and will have the distinction of being among the first to gain first-hand experience with blockchain technology.


All contracts and sensitive data will be stored and encrypted on the blockchain.

The cost of participation will be negligible. Governments will only pay for the training of those who they wish to participate in the program, and the fees will be 80% lower than market-based rates of other training programs. The fact that all our training programs are utilized via the blockchain allows us to offer these services at such low prices.

If a city does not yet participate, but companies from that area want to join?

If a company wants to join our platform, yet the city they are located in does not yet participate on our platform, then the company can send us a request to join. We will respond to the request by contacting governing officials in the city in question. We will then explain in detail what we do and why the company in question has requested our services. A video conference can be organized or a physical on-site visit by one of our ambassadors can happen to explain in more detail what we do and how our platform and services will help all parties concerned.

Companies can join without the support of their local government. However, they will pay the normal fee of $19.99 a month. It is our hope that the annual $1.99 symbolic fee we charge for companies who join our program with government consent will provide the incentive for companies to coordinate with their governments. We believe that businesses and governments working together is the most effective way to boost any economy.

If a city does not yet participate, but unemployed from that area want to join?

If an individual wants to join our platform, yet the city they live in does not yet participate on our platform, then that person can make a request to join via our platform. We will receive that request and process it in the same manner that we do a request from a company. Essentially, we encourage all to join our platform.