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Success is the result of perfection, hard work and persistence

We drive innovation by empowering our students to develop powerful web – and blockchain based applications.  We offer our clients next generation websites, lead generating tools and Customer Acquisition Strategies.


Social Media Consultants

Leverage your professional network with a marketing strategy for user engagement

Writers & Translators

Affordable Writing & Translation Services. Hire creative talented content writers globally.

Crowdfunding experts

Let our team of crowdfunding experts create your campaign, and grow your startup to the next stage!

Sales & Marketing Professionals

We provide a variety of online leads generation tactics. Our campaigns will increase your sales effectively.


Creative webdesign focused on results-driven solutions. If you can imagine it, we can make it!

Programmers & Developers

HTML5 Developers, iOS Developers, Java Developers and much more!


HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS is the first platform to not only offer conventional marketing tools, but we also provide enhanced blockchain-based tools that will exceed your expectations and propel your business to the next level.

Smart Contracts

There is no need for physical meetings and signatures anymore. Legal agreements for your clients can be made quickly and efficiently with a few clicks!

Cross-Border Payments

The HTMLCOIN blockchain processes financial transactions in a matter of seconds around the world.

Supply Chain Solutions

Real-time data accesss on the location and condition of the supplies as they are transported around the globe by sensors connected to the blockchain.

Anti-Ransomware Storage

Any form of administrative data can be encoded and stored on the HTMLCOIN hybrid blockchain with a private key that grants access only to specific individuals.

Merchants: Proof-of-Delivery

The physical delivery of products to customers can be recorded in the blockchain and sent directly to companies.

Distributed Cloud Storage

Companies can use the HTMLCOIN blockchain to provide users with affordable, fast, and secure cloud storage.